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Pancreatitis in dogs prognosis for little puppies at home and dealing with a dog that has pancreatitis you most likely have a very sick animal that is suffering from sticker shock due to the cost of treatment. This is a short true story depicting the journey we have been on with our toy poodle Angel.

Her first acute pancreatitis attack started with the following symptoms. Extremely noisy stomach swollen abdomen abdominal pain standing with her butt in the air. She wouldn’t eat or drink- started to vomit later in the day- had a bloody diarrhea after returning from the first vet visit using the standard veterinary protocol.

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It cost over $2100 for pancreatitis in dogs treatment at home.Better be informed, we were able to get stabilized for about $450 the second time she had an acute attack.After switching vets, we found that we were able to stabilize an acute attack for around $200 and were able to keep her pancreatitis under control for only $50 per month.

A health decline in late 2013 and the inability to get her normal medicine lead to our final breakthrough. Using a blend of herbs, we are now able to keep her pancreatitis in check for about $1 per month and Angel has more energy and better health than she has since her first attack.If you are frustrated by dealing with pancreatitis in dogs treatment cost online you will definitely find an abundance of helpful tips in my free ebook on fast pancreatitis in dogs cure at home.

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The pancreas makes different pancreatic juices and hormones, including insulin, which controls the levels of blood sugar. When it gets inflamed or has difficulty doing its job, that is a condition called pancreatitis. Pancreatitis in dogs can be just as difficult to dealt with as it is in humans.

If your dog stops eating normally, and is throwing up quite a bit, then that could be a sign that you are dealing with that very thing, that your dog has pancreatitis. Sometimes the condition comes on suddenly, and at other times it can be a gradual occurrence.

However, if it is repeated symptoms, it could be pancreatitis and you should take your dog to the vet to have him examined. If the condition is from dog pancreatitis then great you can get it treated. If not, then you know that it is something else.

Your veterinarian will probably want to do blood tests and perhaps an ultrasound, which will give the doctor an image and a good perspective of the size of the organ.

Pancreatitis in dogs does not always have a definitive cause and experts are not really sure what actually causes the irritation to the pancreas, but certain breeds do seem to have more trouble with it than others. Schnauzers, dogs that are overweight and older dogs seem to have more issues.

Sometimes a fatty meal with bacon or grease will trigger it, or a side effect from the ingestion from a drug will do it too. Mild attacks are fairly easy for your dog to recover from, but severe attacks can lead to the death of the dog. If it has happened due to a drug, the vet will most likely take the dog off of the drug. If it is due to diet, a prescription diet will be mandated.

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Since it is hard to treat, care for the dog revolves largely around keeping the dog comfortable until the symptoms pass. It is basically a diary of Angel’s life and the techniques, dietary changes, prescription medications and finally herbal supplements for pancreatitis in dogs treatment that improved her quality of life.A product called Gastro Elm Plus has been formulated based on how well Angel and other dogs have done on these herbal supplements.

Angel will turn 10 in late October (2015) and shortly after it will be the 6th anniversary of her first attack. Since starting her current regimen, we’ve had neighbors, family and friends comment on how energetic Angel has become compared to the last few years.

I credit it to a virtually fat free diet, regular exercise and the addition of the herbs found in gastro elm plus you can buy on my website here.If you have a sick pup, you will find this information on pancreatitis in dogs symptoms helpful thanks.

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